Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why I Care

Michael had his basketball tryouts this week and I will admit, I was a nervous wreck. I then sat and wondered why I really care so much. Am I trying to live through my children? I mean, this is his schooling, his sports team ... I don't remember my parents really getting too involved in all of that with me. If I wanted to tryout for something, I did. If I made it, I made it and if I didn't, I didn't and I don't think they were too phased by any of it. I think the reason is all of these moves. You only get to grow up once. I passionately want Michael (and the rest of my children) to believe that he has the same opportunities he would have if we were permanently located. It is very difficult to come into a new location and "prove" your abilities in a short period of time. You have no history with anyone ... so if you have a bad tryout and really do play much better, they have no history to say, oh, I know this kid and I've seen him play before. You have to lay it all out on the line and that is all they have to go on. Things don't come easily for Michael and he has to work harder than about anyone I know. Even at things that should be natural, like social skills and friends. He never quits, and that is what makes me so proud and why I care so much. They had a really great group of boys tryout. There were very few who did not have the skills to play ... so what do you do as a coach and how do you pick? I am not sure what the criteria was but I am thankful this day that he has been given the opportunity to play. I'm proud of you, Michael ... for being all that you are and I am truly blessed to have you as my son.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hooray for Washington!

We just found out there are no mosquitos in Bremerton, WA! What a perk!

Sad Day in Tennessee

For a long time we knew this was coming, but today it really happened. We traded off our van. I loved that van and truly felt like it was a part of our family. We purchased it in Massachusetts before Jenna was born. It is the van that brought Jenna and Andrew home from the hospital.

Shortly after we purchased it, there were some engine problems and then about two years later, the cylinoids (sp?) had to be replaced in the transmission. It seemed to run well for a while, but then when we moved out the Tennessee, the transmission started jumping once again. We could not figure out if it was actually the transmission or possibly the electrical system, because it seemed as if once the van was shut off, it would reset itself and run well again. After a while of this, when the van shut off, it stopped resetting itself and the jump was pretty constant. We decided after much thought and consultation to do nothing, but to let it run its course. That was 3 1/2 years ago, and after getting us to Utah and North Carolina and back home safely, we named the van "Old Faithful." The power window was broken, the air conditioning died, the belts squealed, the transmission jumped, and often when turning it off, the whole thing would start to convulse -- and I often wondered if it would explode! After going down a ditch this past fall, I scraped the bottom so badly I thought it may have to retire, but it started up with no problems and kept running like a champ.

With our move coming up shortly, we felt like our van had given all it could give, or should be expected to ever give. It was a trooper ... we will miss Old Faithful. We hope our new (well, new to us) van can someday prove itself worthy of these same feelings in our heart. So what did we purchase, you may ask, another Pontaic Montana ... because I did not want a truck but I love my 8 seats, and I did not want to purchase a new Honda or Toyota simply for the fact that I didn't want the payment. I really want to get a BIG house in Washington -- as in the bigger the better! The kids are getting big and we all are feeling the need (especially me) for much more space!
We'll miss you, girl!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Erin's Atoka Idol

Erin had her Atoka Idol competition today at school, and though she did not win a trophy, we were just proud as punch! I could have watched her over and over again. Yay, Erin! (and if you notice, I did NOT dress her in pink!)

Friday, March 27, 2009


The 3rd grade play, Mighty Minds, was last night and it was in fact very cute. The strangest thing, however, is that it seems like every performance I hear at that school (well okay, the two performances I have seen) their music teacher sings solos. She sang two solos at the choir concert and had about 3 last night. I have never seen anything like this before. She does have a pretty voice, but this is elementary school, and I do not wish to hear her. I would like to hear the children sing, and I don't mean my own. I would like to hear any child sing because their is THEIR performance! I can't figure out if she thinks no one else can do it or if she just likes the sound of her own voice!

Things I HATE

I think one of the most disgusting things in the world is throwing up -- it is nasty and it stinks. I hate that gagging sound that you know means it is coming. Erin got sick last night and I guess I am not a very good mom because I just don't like any part of it and honestly, I have no desire to sit next to someone who is regurgitating anything. Jonathan is a much better sick person than I. He will hold their heads and say soothing words ... all I can think about is, this is so disgusting and I am going to have to clean up the remnants! I asked Erin last night if she thought she was going to be sick, to which she replied, no, I am fine. Two second later I heard that dreaded gag and I walked (okay ran) into Erin's room and saw her flopping over the side of her top bunk bed spewing all over the carpet - GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes all I can do to hold my cookies when I witness things along that nature.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


When Lindsey came home from school I asked her about the recess and she said nothing was said about it except that her teacher did pull her aside and told her it was fine that she didn't get a pizza and that she certainly was not the only one. I asked her again if she was sure the teacher had told them about extra recess and she said yes, and that everyone was asking about it to each other (hey, I thought we were getting extra recess), but not to the teacher. So I guess it all kind of slipped away. I would have appreciated it more if the teacher had said, you know what, I did say that and now I realize it isn't right and we won't be doing that -- or even stood her ground if she truly believed it was okay. As I told my kids, we all make mistakes and say and do things that we don't always think through. I think it's strange and rather upsetting that she completely denied the entire thing, however.